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JT Sculptures
JT Sculptures

Bespoke one-off horse shoe sculptures by Jamie Thomas

About Jamie Thomas from JT Sculptures

Isn’t it fascinating the relationship humans have with animals! They can’t talk to us, yet some of them are truly our best friends.

My inspiration comes from my childhood, growing up in a rural setting in the central plateau I was constantly surrounded by an elite mix of animals. My older sister would force me to double up bareback on our horse where we would both end up bucked off onto the ground. I still love and ride horses 25 years later.

I am currently located on a remote lifestyle block in the scenic hills of Bombay where I spend my time perfecting the life-like emotions of my sculptures.

I have a burning desire to create and achieve anything I put my mind to and with enough motivation, determination and persistence anything is possible.

“If the shoe doesn’t fit, bend it until it does”


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